Visualising Concepts

MTV Unplugged Biffy Clyro Render 1
MTV Unplugged Biffy Clyro Render 2
MTV Unplugged Biffy Clyro Render 5
MTV Unplugged Biffy Clyro Render 6
Butterfly Stage Vipers
Butterfly Stage Big Back Light CTO
Butterfly Stage Day Of The Dead
Butterfly Stage Wings
Butterfly Stage Big Back Light 02
Butterfly Stage Molefay
Club X Daytime Redner 01
Club X Daytime Redner 02
Club X Night Redner 01
Club X Night Redner 02
Club X Night Redner 03
MDL Beast Big Beast Stage

Spindrift Projects Designing Shows for Live Music and TV

Show Design is the combination of Creative Lighting, Video, Set and Content that personify and enhance an artist’s style when performing on-stage.

At Spindrift we are constantly looking to provide our clients with the wow factor that comes from an integrated approach to these disciplines.

We have developed a process for creating that wow factor. Producing the initial ideas and visualisation, creating the technical designs and video content. Bringing everything together to programme the Lighting and Video to sync with an artist’s music in our studio and then culminating in performing in front of live audiences.

We understand every part of this process and can seamlessly tie this together to help your shows come to life. We have a wealth of experience in making creative projects work effectively on-site. Ensuring the styles of video content will work with different types of screen and in different configurations.

We understand the importance of delivering correct light levels on-stage, balancing the brightness of a screen with the key light of a performer and their surroundings. This ensures the images punch through, whilst not washing out the effects of the lighting and keeping the performers optimally lit for camera. The end result is a great looking show from every perspective.

MDL Beast Big Beast Stage
Adam Power - Designer

Adam Power


There is nothing quite like that moment when you are at Front of House and a show your working on comes together. The Artist, Creatives, Crew all nailing it. A big tune drops and the crowd go mental.

I live for creating those moments.

Boomtown Relic Stage
Justin Griffith - Marketing

Justin Griffith


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