MTV Live Stage

Working with Lighting Director Stuart Pring and Director Paul Caslin, Spindrift were contracted to create digital content for the video strips lining the hexagons of a Freedome structure. Which forms the set for MTV's Live Stage series. This involved creating accurate 3D models and UV maps of the structure and LED locations, then animating content to suit each artists style. We were also responsible for mapping the LED in Hippotizer v4 to fit the UV Maps and programming both servers and lighting for the show. We had a tight production schedule and needed to hit the ground running with only 1 day to load in and get everything up and running before the 1st shoot the next day. To achieve this we spent time in a production suite off-site programming with WYSIWYG and Hippos' visualiser. Going through each of the tracks for each artist and creating unique looks and feels depending on the artists style. Executive Producer - Jeremy Davies Line Producer - Sian Larkin Director - Paul Caslin Lighting Director - Stuart Pring Desk + Server Op - Adam Power WYG Programming - Chris Scott Lighting Supplier - Version 2 Gaffer - Dan Cloake LED Supplier - Light Initiative LED HOD - Nathan Harris Animators - Adam Power Julien Rigal Roopinder Sood